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The Elf God is a Hedonist God

An esoteric god is the god of the elves. They do not have a name for it. Their word for their deity is Tal'Moray, the Parent Glorious, for that is what this god is. If they never had a tongue of their own, this deity would simply be called God, Father, Mother, or Ancestor.

Tal'Moray did not shape elves out of clay nor did they birth them nor did they twist them out of spittle and thread. Instead, God was wounded and from that wound came the Blood of Life and where it landed there awoke elves, their minds full of knowledge and their blood full of divinity. God has no angels for elves occupy the space of man, angel, and nephilim all at once. But what an elf is will not be further discussed in this post.

God's words created poetry, for everything they say is in the form of stanza and all languages of beasts and nature descend from it. Thus Tal'Moray is That Whom Spoke First as well as The Old Poet and Friend of Beast & Oak. They have no single form save for that of a …

Hymns and Oaths

This is how I think of paladins.


There can never be more than 12 of them. They sing hymns to themselves and when they gather that is called a Choir. Their hymns are the basis for many cultural songs.

They do not always swear themselves to gods but they must make oaths all the same. The oath is their power. The oath is made when the would-be paladin is truly broken, but unlike the Warlock who swears away their soul out of desperation, the Paladin makes a pact out of love. They Paladin does not need power and they do not ask for it. They do not ask for anything. They simply commit themselves to whatever they swear to.

And as for what they swear themselves to, there are many possibilities. Gods, yes, but monarchs and rulers too; philosophies, ideals, emotions; family members, their lost loves, the graves of their sons and the mementos of their wives. Many of these vows are more powerful than the orders of gods. To tie a Paladin to something as fickle and inhuman as a diety is to unde…

Crifoth Campaign: The last 7 Days

I'm going to be running a Crifoth campaign starting a little over a week from now, complete with the two creators in it. The idea is that, in this post-apocalyptic hell world ruled by devils, they are the last four humans alive. They wake up to this knowledge and being told that they have 7 days left to live--therefore rendering humanity extinct. The campaign will last 7 sessions, with each session being a day.

Since the book isn't done and only the playtest is out, I have a whoooooole lot of material I can interject. Basically about to take the setting and make it extremely Marquis. What does that mean? Basically pump up the mysticism, divination, and weird symbology shit to 11, then put that all into a "Theatre of Blood," ala Blood Meridian. I'll be running it on the MTD Twitch channel.

I'm thinking in order to make it Marquis, I want to have a random table, and I want that table to be extreme. So, here's draft 1 of it. I'll refine it and tool it ove…

Burned Widows

Dragon Wives are not immortal. The inexperienced fall because they fail to control themselves, and the experienced die because they're overburdened by the power flowing through them. But sometimes, they choose not to die. They realize that their marriage is destroying them and instead they fling themselves full on into that corruption, for the abyss promises power that transcends death and marriage. When this happens, the Dragon Wife consumes the hearts of a still living wyrm, right as her own would fail.

Rare though this occurrence is, the consequences mark history for this is how a Burned Widow is born.

A Burned Widow is to a Dragon Wife as a lich is to a wizard. Immortal, half-dead, too powerful to reckon. With the flesh of dragons in her stomach she is possessed by every wyrm she's killed. Their madness blackens neurons and her blood is replaced with a viscous, congealed Draconic Radiance. A grief overtakes her. She has not only killed her husbands, but devoured them selfi…

Bless'd Environs pt. 1

Heaven is sick but her environs still bless'd. Below are things you can expect to find in  your travels. Roll 3d6 twice on any tables.

* Indicates Monster in Bestiary. No * indicates normally non-hostile part of a faction.

Ashpits It rains acid and ash, never just water. Vast fields of grey. Burned, crumbling ruins--stones with soot-silhouettes of heretics and forgotten lovers. Dunes hundreds of feet tall. Pieces of churches, palaces, ziggurats, cemeteries, homes, all buried under them. Vast, black ashstorms angrily race across the horizon, filled with Draconic Radiance (once dragon sickness, now renamed). Flashes of lightning and peals of thunder prelude them, follow them. This is the speech of  dragons who set storms loose upon us. Long trains of burning ghosts travel with pilgrims seeking lost holy symbols and behind them the Gatherers, following their lead.
Beware... Bury underground if an ashstorm approaches. Those caught are blasted by Draconic Radiance and turn into drakes or…